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These songs have nothing to do with detox. In fact, music that promotes detox is probably not music I ever listen to. HOWEVER, after a long and eventful memorial day weekend, (not so heavy on the memorial) I think it's important to sit back, drink lots of Gatorade, and rekindle your relationship with Excedrin. Summer is officially here, and great things are happening at the Velveteen Headquarters. One day soon, while in your favorite store or coffee shop, you may encounter Volume 1 of the Velveteen summer mixtape. All I'm sayin is, keep your eyes peeled and your paws ready. Cuz dem shits will go fast! Much love, have a very sluggish Tuesday back in the office. Hopefully, these tunes make it just a little bit better.

Off the Man on Fire Soundtrack, this song in one word: butter

carlos varela / una palabra
download here

Daddy went to Dark Room last night, and as I was leaving, this jam lured me right back onto the D floor.

chuck berry / nadine
download here



Love this next song from Belgian rock duo The Tellers. It speaks for itself. Especially when 'it' is still hungover from Wednesday night and 'it' does not feel like charming you or this post. Download to desktop immediately. Upload to ipod asap. Put in on all your playlists now!

the tellers / more
download here



All I can say is wow. Can something be this amazing and Kanye West not be involved? Finally. For their ELEVENTH studio album, The Roots have revamped Conor Oburst's 'Dear God' into a modern and sexy hip hop riff. Now titled 'Dear God 2.0,' the track was co-produced and includes vocals by Bright Eyes + Monsters of Folk. It's a fusion of the old and new Roots. Both equally hypnotizing.

the roots feat. monsters of folk / dear god 2.0
download here



Just when I thought I'd had enough of KIDS by MGMT, my girl Schwookie sends me this cover by Ooks Of Hazzard. (PAUSE FOR REACTION) Ooks of Hazzard? Ya, I have no clue who that is. Anyway that's not important because this rendition of KIDS is quite wonderful. And I can't possibly hate considering I'll be seeing them live at red rocks in just three short weeks. (MGMT NOT OOKS) - This version is highly worth blaaaarfengaaaring over.

ooks of hazzard / kids (mgmt cover)
download here


What makes this group so special? It's a collaborative effort between Rostam Batmanglij, the keyboardist and producer of Vampire Weekend and Wes Miles, Ra Ra Riot's frontman. Interesting, inventive, beautiful, and complex. My phone is on so I'm able to get your 'thank you' texts.

discovery / osaka loop line
download here



I've listened to this song approximately 15 times in a row now. I figured it deserved a spot on the velveteen. It's off a semi-recent Hotel Costes compilation and it secretly features Ben Harper.

vanessa da mata / boa sorte
download here


A graceful weekend of celebration and sun was surely in my cards and damn did Miami deliver. Gotham Steak for dinner Thursday, poolside with momma dukes on Friday, Mexican Feast Friday night, followed by a Cold War Kids / Heineken event in the Design District, day drinking Saturday on the beach, an oceanside engagement party for Jack + Vickee DJed by yours truly, a little tattoo laser removal at Mt. Sinai, Sunday brunch with the Lewins and before you know it we're at Monday and I'm back on Canal street talking to you. Now that you know what I've been doing, let's get back to business - I'm mixing this post up with a photoblog from my weekend plus a Yael Naim cover of Britney Spears. You may recognize this Israeli who won her fame on U.S. soil via the iPod commercial a while back.


yael naim / toxic (britney spears cover)
download here



Never know how to answer the question "what's your favorite song?" I'm here to help...this may just be be in my top 5 of all time. The Temper Trap, one of the main reasons I almost booked my flight to Coachella, just recorded a session on need more artists that produce music so effortless and memorable. This comes from my secret stash...just in time for a car ride with the windows down.

the temper trap / sweet disposition (daytrotter version)
download here



P & The Yessirs aka Pharrell and other geniuses he hangs out with released this years ago. It was very under the radar, and I've just rediscovered it in my iTunes. Pharrell is just the most uplifting talent - this guy made me love music and I gotta get gitty over anything he's involved with. long live pharrell.

p & the yessirs / creamsickle
download here



The DON of all stores in existence, Colette, randomly releases mixes through their online store. I've had this album for a while and every track is really unique. These are by far my two favorite. Unfortunately,the files are locked so they are only available for download below - unlike all my other posts. I made an exception for these two - they are worth sharing regardless of shareability.

tom assman / rock with me (doshhammer mix 2)
download here
final fantasy / this is the dream of win and regine
download here



For the last month, I've been listening to the Local Natives like no other. Somehow, I overlooked this song and after hearing it now, I'm sort of having a mini dance party with Alabama. Hopefully this track leaves a similar impression on you.

local natives / world news
download here

Also, I'm adding a rare recording of 'Airplanes' off of Log on and sign up to download a never ending archive of acoustic sessions by tons of well known and emerging bands. It's a velveteen secret, but I'm feeling mighty generous.

local natives / airplane (daytrotter session)
download here

And to show Local Natives a little mas amor, check them out in a ghetto yet inspirational Los Angeles backyard performing an acoustic, impromptu version of Simon & Garfunkel's Cecilia.


Brand new M.I.A. - this is actually the 3rd release off her upcoming, still untitled album, which drops June 22. Snap, next month. If you're a New Yorker and you love M.I.A. - expect to see her all over the island, all summer long.

m.i.a. / xxxo
download here



Yes...the velveteen got high on someone else's Murray Hill supply. Murray Hill is not as bad as people say. It's worse. I can't believe I once lived a mere five blocks south of it's official border. But with every bad comes good. The good part about Murray Hill happens when you leave it. Honestly, Bloomberg should tear it down, and turn it into a strip mall housing the following businesses:

1 - P.F. Chang's
2 - Whole Foods
3 - Fuddrucker's
4 - Maybe a Cheesecake Factory if people were super into it
5 - Another California Pizza Kitchen
6 - Olive Garden Flagship

I'm very open to other suggestions and I'm sure Bloomberg would agree that this city is in more need of restaurants that jappy Jews love vs. a neighborhood that loves jappy Jews.

On another note, the last two weeks of SNL have made me fall back in love with the entire institution. I tend to doubt or critique the writers and what goes on behind the scenes, but honestly, after witnessing Zach Galifianakis and Betty White kill it consecutively, I realize how much it lies on the host to make us laugh. Not to mention - Jay and Vampire Weekend were fantastic. Regardless, if you like SNL just a little bit, go on Hulu and watch as much of last week's and the week before's SNL. All I have to say is blaaaaarrrfengaaarr!

That being said, I'm posting a random song from the last Kooks album, Konk. I'm anxiously awaiting their 3rd album which supposedly drops this summer, but when it comes to UK bands that harbor alcoholics and/or drug abusers, the release date tends to be a wash. So my guess is Fall or early Winter 2010. For the record I only capitalize Fall and Winter, never spring or summer. You? Anyway, this is the bonus track which is a combination of two tracks: one obvious + one hidden. I've been feeling more deaf than usual so when I say full blast on this one, I mean it a little less.

the kooks / tick of time + hidden track "all over town"
download here



The ultimate New York ballad. It's cold and gray today.

lcd soundsystem / new york, i love you but you're bringing me down
download here





This song needs no intro. Have a good weekend, the velveteen is.

calvin harris / the girls
download here



This song is good anywhere, anytime. Yelle is one of a kind, I would love to see her live. Yelle..if you're reading this, text me 917 675 9054.

yelle / ce jeu (moods remix)
download here



It's been a while since I've heard Gotan, and this could not be a better reminder of what I've been missing. My friend Jacques (actually his name is Jack) sent me this today, with the request to post it on the velevteen, and of course I listen to him because he knows what the fuck he's talking about. Gotan is still creating amazing sounds without losing their identity. Off their new album TANGO 3.0, this is "La Gloria."

gotan project / la gloria
download here



Oops, was I supposed to bleep out the *FUCK* in STARFUCKER? It's really fine, because TARGET, "mommy" brand of all the big box retailers, used this song in their pharmacy commercial, so back off. Ma, I know you hate it when I curse, and since you've become a huge velveteen fan I run the risk of you reading this. For the record, my mom has rocked the same 6 cd's in her disc changer since I was in the 5th grade.

1 - the gypsy kings greatest hits
2 - something israeli
3 - santana
4 - barbara streisand or was it whitney houston?
5 - billy joel
6 - julio iglesias

If only she updated those cd's along with her Benzes. Hopefully after a few more downloads and one trip to Office Depot on Biscayne Boulevard for blank cd's, she'll be blasting some Hot Chip or Calvin Harris courtesy of moi. Back to the song at hand - it's called "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second." If you're producing a shoot, a fashion show, or any kind of presentation on stage, this could be a good song to warm up the spectators/subjects. Just a thought.

starfucker / rawnald gregory erickson the second
download here


NEW EFFIN RATATAT! This song is SICK! I'm leaning towards all CAPS on this post but I'll refrain. Their new album entitled LP4 leaked (shocker) a month before it's official release date and here's your first taste of what's to come. I personally love this band, and I've seen them multiple times in the most interesting of venues. This track (Neckbrace) is borderline genius and could eat a small child. Sounds like someone has been listening to Fujiya & Miyagi...

ratatat / neckbrace
download here


Kele, the lead singer from Bloc Party has recently announced the release of his solo album entitled "The Boxer." This is the first single the public has been able to chow down on. It's called "Tenderoni," which is kind of weird considering Chromeo has a popular song with the same name. I dunno...isn't all creativity borrowed anyway? Track is dope regardless.

kele (from bloc party) / tenderoni
download here



Maria Laforet covers the Stones brilliantly HERE:

maria laforet / paint it black (rolling stones cover)
download here

Off the 'Vicky Cristina Barcelona' Soundtrack, this song always pleases the crowd.

giulia y los tellarini / barcelona
download here


My man Wale, together with 'the' man Mark Ronson, produce this unforgettable track off Wale's sophomore album "Attention Deficit." It's about bulemic cokehead socialites from L.A. - What's not to like?

wale / 90210
download aqui


He exists...and my friend Isaac in Los Angeles sent me the song, knowing I'd give it a good home. It's by Roberto Carlos - he was a huge pimp in Brazil in the 50's and 60's. Kinda looks like Bruce Jenner. Oh well, we can all use some foreign inventory in our iTunes anyway.

roberto carlos / jurame
download here


One of my favorite songs in the last 5 years covered by a band I don't even really listen to. HOWEVER, it's still amazing. This is Grizzly Bear covering Hot Chip's "Boy from School."

grizzly bear / boy from school (hot chip cover)
download here