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Attention fellow New Yorkers - I was at The Smith last night on 3rd Ave. Went 3-way splitzies with two broads. We ordered Dijon Mussels with fries smothered in Tarragon (uh-may-seeng) We also got grilled chipotle shrimp over jalapeno cheddar grits. If you don't know what grits are, watch My Cousin Vinny for a detailed and authentic explanation. Also got the Mediterranean Salad aka a baller Greek Salad which was really good too. We basically drenched every bite of all of the above with a nondescript hot sauce that sat up against the wall on our tabletop. As usual, I call over the manager to interrogate him about this mysteriously delicious condiment. "A secret combination of fresh habanero peppers, rice vinegar, and a few other ingredients," Josh exclaimed.

Guess what, I have a whole bottle of it in my kitchen right now. Ya - get there, tell the manager you love it, and he'll personally package you a bottle, SMITH logo and all. BAM! [Just 10 bones - goes well with ANYTHING] Say ciao to your Cholula.

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