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ma ma ma poker face ma ma poker face

Guys, it's my absolute pleasure to share my music with you. But you have to read the shit I post too. After all, an entree ain't as good with out something on the side.

This is day 2. So far the feedback is moderate, random, very nonchalant. In the next few days I'll be posting various reviews, top 10 lists, reactions to this week's current events. You know, the usual.

Just remember - I'm your source for music, film, food, travel, stores, streets, socks, dogs, sweets, and all other kinds of treasures. Everyone always asks the velveteen for info, so consider this a flea market with endless booths of things you could use.

Hasta manana!


  1. Song slut... have you given thought to writing in a bigger font? Thanks for the musica... so far I like em all.

  2. that looks like Phish confetti....Im Team Velveteen!