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Yo everyone. Mark Wahlberg's new project - 'How to Make it in America' premiered on HBO last week. You probably remember seeing some sort of trailer in the wintertime, but almost everyone including the velveteen forgot it would eventually premiere. Anyway, just a friendly shout out, its on every Sunday, not sure what time. Put it in your blackberry/iphone calendars ya'll. Show rocks. If you like Entourage, you'll love this. If you live in New York, you'll love it even more. Good actors, good music, Kid Cudi is the co-creator and also a castmember.

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  1. i'm sorry but this show/campaign is a triple dose of doggy doo-doo.

    first off, anything named "how to... etc, etc" gets a thumbs down. cliché AND passé all rolled into oné.

    second of all " a new series about getting there." getting WHERE? Vague City, Nebraska? NOT only that, but pair it with the THIRD offense, "everything can happen" and you've told me NOTHING about your show AT ALL.

    i hope it got cancelled. zero stars.