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So today, at my office, in my real estate cubicle, was waiting a long anticipated pitifully wrapped parcel which arrived from my Dad's drug den I mean warehouse in Miami.....Anyway, I almost jizzed my pants because finally, my new sick sick saaack Canon G11 had arrived. I ripped it open. Flashbacks of the last time I got a Chanukah gift. (approx 1994) I tore through the doodi brown box....At last, my first legit camera! I lift the flap to find A FUCKING DISPOSABLE CAMERA. (approx 1994) What the heck I say to my Dad on the phone seconds later. He's still investigating, but he swears he had nothing to do with the hoax and that "he'll get back to me." Anybody need a disposable camera? Oh, it has no flash.

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