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Here Ye Here Ye...this marks the inauguration of the velveteen's first 'Top 5' list to date. Relax, it's not such a big deal. It's only booze related.

So I'm a margarita whore. Frozen, on the rocks, homemade, pre-made. I don't give a fuck, I just want them pretty much any day and every day. If you don't, scroll down to the next post, because I'm not here to make friends. I'm here to make you more friends. Just playing...ok here it goes.

I'm obviously partial to NYC these days because I live here. Miami, I'll think long and hard and give the 305 a whirl, but don't have such high hopes.

NYC TOP 5 MARGARITAS [disclaimer: this list is god]

Besides the fact that my number one stunna comes in a massive CRUNK goblet, remember that Tribeca is the most expensive zip code in Manhattan so they have the right to charge 19 dollars. Papi, it's worth it. They combine Sauza hornitos, Grand Marnier, orange curacao, lemon, lime, and fresh orange juice, delivering the ultimate lobby cocktail. And those of you who know me know I prefer frozen. So the fact that this 'on the rocks' beauty is my #1 speaks highly of The Grand Margarita.

There's about 4 or 5 top dog flavors. They come on the rocks or frozen. Don't take too long deciding or the bartender / waiter will think you suck. I go for the Frozen Passionfruit (on weekends) and the Classic Frozen on weeknights (Sunday included)
Guys, it's a close tie with number one, but I had to make the decision so this is what happened. Regardless, these two bad boys are close behind my numero uno. In fact here I am having one...

This can't be a big surprise...Schiller's should be on every top 5 list regardless of subject matter. They serve their frozen margaritas in Martini glasses which at first seems wack but eventually gets amazing. One thing that is wack - their blender only "works" in the hot months so you gotta hit it during season. Guess what...we're almost there. It's simple and delicious. No salt of course..Oh, and drink it fast or it melts. Oh, and it goes amazing with their nachos, easily the best in NYC. Comes smothered in 3 different kinds of cheese, chorizo, refried beans, salsa, jalapeno, and scallions. But I digress.

4 - BB
Believe it or not, Bowery Bar (who still goes there?) has a killer frozen margarita. It's 'on-the-rocks' sister version proves pretty amazing too. They have a citrus one that actually has a little heat in it. Not sure how they accomplish the kick...maybe with ginger or jalapeno? I like to call it my corporate margarita. Whenever I'm on the Bowery or in the East Village with a client I'll stop here for a quickie. Daytime margarita. Next!

5 - I'm a little torn for my fifth and final seed. One part of my liver says Dos Caminos, and although delicious it's kind of lame. (a chain restaurant..really?) Another part says the exotic flavors of Bario Chino on Broome and Orchard. How about I reveal an even deeper secret? The recipe to my homemade Margarita, which actually comes from a girl named Robin who will probably never see this blog, but maybe her friends will, so I'll give her credit jusssssst in case.

1 - bottle of patron, duh.
2 - 6 pack of corona
3 - crushed ice
4 - frozen limeade (minute maid brand, from concentrate)

Combine desired amount of tequila in a blender with a generous amount of crushed ice, depending on the consistency you prefer. Plus one can of frozen limeade and one bottle of corona. You need a pretty HUGE blender for this recipe, so based on what you're working with, tone it down accordingly. The secret is sorta in the Corona. It adds a natural flavor that you can't pinpoint, but fits just right. You can also substitute the frozen limeade for frozen pink lemonade, frozen tropical punch. Whatever they have in the freezer section. Finish it off with some fresh lime.

Sorry for the departure from music. I'm trying to diversify my blog, and margaritas were the first thing that came to mind? Just take my advice and run dem bar tabs! Salud!

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