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These songs have nothing to do with detox. In fact, music that promotes detox is probably not music I ever listen to. HOWEVER, after a long and eventful memorial day weekend, (not so heavy on the memorial) I think it's important to sit back, drink lots of Gatorade, and rekindle your relationship with Excedrin. Summer is officially here, and great things are happening at the Velveteen Headquarters. One day soon, while in your favorite store or coffee shop, you may encounter Volume 1 of the Velveteen summer mixtape. All I'm sayin is, keep your eyes peeled and your paws ready. Cuz dem shits will go fast! Much love, have a very sluggish Tuesday back in the office. Hopefully, these tunes make it just a little bit better.

Off the Man on Fire Soundtrack, this song in one word: butter

carlos varela / una palabra
download here

Daddy went to Dark Room last night, and as I was leaving, this jam lured me right back onto the D floor.

chuck berry / nadine
download here

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