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A graceful weekend of celebration and sun was surely in my cards and damn did Miami deliver. Gotham Steak for dinner Thursday, poolside with momma dukes on Friday, Mexican Feast Friday night, followed by a Cold War Kids / Heineken event in the Design District, day drinking Saturday on the beach, an oceanside engagement party for Jack + Vickee DJed by yours truly, a little tattoo laser removal at Mt. Sinai, Sunday brunch with the Lewins and before you know it we're at Monday and I'm back on Canal street talking to you. Now that you know what I've been doing, let's get back to business - I'm mixing this post up with a photoblog from my weekend plus a Yael Naim cover of Britney Spears. You may recognize this Israeli who won her fame on U.S. soil via the iPod commercial a while back.


yael naim / toxic (britney spears cover)
download here

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