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Yes...the velveteen got high on someone else's Murray Hill supply. Murray Hill is not as bad as people say. It's worse. I can't believe I once lived a mere five blocks south of it's official border. But with every bad comes good. The good part about Murray Hill happens when you leave it. Honestly, Bloomberg should tear it down, and turn it into a strip mall housing the following businesses:

1 - P.F. Chang's
2 - Whole Foods
3 - Fuddrucker's
4 - Maybe a Cheesecake Factory if people were super into it
5 - Another California Pizza Kitchen
6 - Olive Garden Flagship

I'm very open to other suggestions and I'm sure Bloomberg would agree that this city is in more need of restaurants that jappy Jews love vs. a neighborhood that loves jappy Jews.

On another note, the last two weeks of SNL have made me fall back in love with the entire institution. I tend to doubt or critique the writers and what goes on behind the scenes, but honestly, after witnessing Zach Galifianakis and Betty White kill it consecutively, I realize how much it lies on the host to make us laugh. Not to mention - Jay and Vampire Weekend were fantastic. Regardless, if you like SNL just a little bit, go on Hulu and watch as much of last week's and the week before's SNL. All I have to say is blaaaaarrrfengaaarr!

That being said, I'm posting a random song from the last Kooks album, Konk. I'm anxiously awaiting their 3rd album which supposedly drops this summer, but when it comes to UK bands that harbor alcoholics and/or drug abusers, the release date tends to be a wash. So my guess is Fall or early Winter 2010. For the record I only capitalize Fall and Winter, never spring or summer. You? Anyway, this is the bonus track which is a combination of two tracks: one obvious + one hidden. I've been feeling more deaf than usual so when I say full blast on this one, I mean it a little less.

the kooks / tick of time + hidden track "all over town"
download here

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