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Oops, was I supposed to bleep out the *FUCK* in STARFUCKER? It's really fine, because TARGET, "mommy" brand of all the big box retailers, used this song in their pharmacy commercial, so back off. Ma, I know you hate it when I curse, and since you've become a huge velveteen fan I run the risk of you reading this. For the record, my mom has rocked the same 6 cd's in her disc changer since I was in the 5th grade.

1 - the gypsy kings greatest hits
2 - something israeli
3 - santana
4 - barbara streisand or was it whitney houston?
5 - billy joel
6 - julio iglesias

If only she updated those cd's along with her Benzes. Hopefully after a few more downloads and one trip to Office Depot on Biscayne Boulevard for blank cd's, she'll be blasting some Hot Chip or Calvin Harris courtesy of moi. Back to the song at hand - it's called "Rawnald Gregory Erickson the Second." If you're producing a shoot, a fashion show, or any kind of presentation on stage, this could be a good song to warm up the spectators/subjects. Just a thought.

starfucker / rawnald gregory erickson the second
download here

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