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Piece of news 1: Bret Easton Ellis's new novel IMPERIAL BEDROOMS is out on bookshelves. It's a delayed sequel to his bestselling rookie novel LESS THAN ZERO, and picks up with the same dysfunctional characters in their middle age. Just got my copy today. And on top of that, he's doing a reading / book signing at the B&N in Union Square tomorrow at 7 pm. I'll be there.

Piece of news 2: Radiohead guitarist Ed O'Brien revealed to BBC Radio that the band is at the tail end of their newest album which will hopefully come out this year! He called the music "very different from "In Rainbows" and genuinely exciting."

Piece of news 3: My Miami grupo, I'm coming to the 305 this weekend via a rental car roadtrip with my brother. Chillo is calling my name, and as creative director of the brand, duty calls, and I'll probably be around for a month. My schedule is wide open so let the booking begin.

And now, back to the music...

Kid Cudi has been spending mucho tiempo in Hawaii apparently, getting extremely high and recording his new album. Guess what, the first single was leaked, and you can listen to it right now. High or not, me likey this track.

kid cudi / refofev
download here

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  1. V. excited re Ellis' new novel. Had forgotten about it, so thanks for the reminder. I only *just* got around to reading Less than Zero, too. Have you read Glamorama? It's pretty good.

    Prima la tuya.