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To all my loyal listeners, I cannot thank you enough for the endless love. Ideally, I'd say that's what keeps this thing going, but that's bullshit. My obsession exists with or with out your praise. This track has been playing nonstop on my iPod today. At the pool, on Lafayette, in my office, right now from this desktop. It is everywhere. After La Esquina spit me out onto Lafayette last night, I weaseled my way into the black hole aka South Side. The frown that used to exist upon cigarette smoking has now turned into a firm FUCK OFF! So smokers beware - South Side is no longer an underground ashtray. However, it is an underground dance party that never fails to deliver. I spent most of my night harassing the DJ and to the victor go the spoils so consider yourself the victor, and spoiled. Amazing = Calvin Harris remixing Mika's We are Golden.

mika / we are golden calvin harris remix
download here

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