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Last time I posted a Mark Ronson track, some omnipresent blog god noticed and flagged then later removed the post. (im serious) So, for the sake of being discreet, I titled this post LEGIT instead of MARK RONSON MARK RONSON MARK RONSON! His new album finally dropped with The Business International and so far, this is my favorite track off the record. It's interesting, I'll say that. And I think he's really stretching the genre...what genre that is, I'm not so sure.

mark ronson and the business international featuring rose elinor dougall and andrew wyatt / somebody to love me
download here

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  1. I like the new banner, cuz. Hey, have you gotten a hold of the new album by Danger Mouse and Sparklehorse? V. good. The track "Little Girl" is particularly stellar.