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Last night, Ra Ra Riot performed not for the first time at my downtown favorite, Bowery Ballroom. I forgot what it looked like inside, but my date reminded me. After a shot of Jack and a few nolita bumper sticker installations, I was ra ra ready. What an amazing group of musicians. The violinist, (who looks like Lykke Li) the chelloista, and everyone else up there was so fresh. I must say a tame show overall, so much so that I felt like reading Catcher in the Rye in a cardigan after the encore, but instead I went to Pravda for pizza, french fries + kettle one. I've attached a unique recording of Boy, my favorite song off their new album and last night's show opener. Do you notice how much attention I've been giving the blog in the past however many hours equals three days? I'm on a redeye to the Dominican Republic tonight, so I'll be out of commission until about Christmas, because I'll be recovering starting Sunday when I get back from Jack's bachelor party. hawl. urr.

ra ra riot / boy (daytrotter session)
download here

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