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If you haven't seen Martin Scorsese's new documentary Public Speaking, which brilliantly taps into the career of American writer Fran Lebowitz, I suggest you finish reading this post, download the song that comes with it, then put your Macbook Pro down and go watch it on HBO. It's unbelievable. Lebowitz is on another level of human being and like me, you'll wish the documentary was seven hours longer. Most of the interview takes place at her infamous booth in The Waverly Inn, where she does most of the talking and Scorsese (along with the rest of the crew) does most of the laughing. Yes I know, Serge Gainsbourg (artist on this song) is a Frenchman, however this song resonated with me just as any New York anthem would. Since Lebowitz is the ultimate New Yorker, this song suits the documentary's end credits famously. See, I do make you cooler. Oh, and Lebowitz loves Marlboro lights more than anyone I've ever met. Enjoy.

serge gainsbourg / new york usa
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